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Streamline your quality assurance process with our software QA services for optimal results and efficient app testing services without the hassles of hiring. Explore seamless solutions in software testing and quality assurance, optimized and scaled for your needs.


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Our Services

Full-cycle testing services

We provide end-to-end quality assurance support. From requirement analysis to post-deployment. We plan, execute and track tests, ensuring robustness and reliability throughout the software development life-cycle.

Test coverage

Our team provides a detailed document addressing current QA process issues. We offer a plan, prioritized actions, risk assessment and solutions.

Quality engineering

We employ advanced methodologies and techniques throughout development to ensure optimal functionality, reliability and user satisfaction.

Our services include thorough testing, continuous integration and proactive quality management, that result in robust, high-performance software products.

Systems and Platforms

We test across various environments for seamless functionality, compatibility and performance. Our expertise spans functional, integration, security and usability testing guaranteeing the reliability of your software across different systems and platforms.

Problems We Solve

Eliminate common bugs to reduce errors and improve performance with our software testing services

Adding QA to the in-house Dev Team

Do you already have a startup? Or you plan to launch an MVP soon? Do you need to test before the demo? Do you need end-to-end testing? We find the best QA fit for you.

Allocating QA Resources to Strengthen the Existing Team

We add and onboard QA people to your team. You don't spend time on hiring. You're growing quickly and an additional QA person is what you need. It's on us.

Creating Test Plans and Strategies

Having a clear testing strategy and a focused plan is critically important to track progress toward goals. Our QA Leads are ready to help.

Preparing Documentation

Testing without documentation makes it difficult to see the complete picture of the project. Test cases, checklists, and knowledge base is what you need to start with.


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Discover why businesses choose ProfSquad over alternative quality assurance companies

No Hiring Needed

Reduce operational costs. Start testing immediately with the flexibility to adjust and limit testing as needed. Explore our QA testing tools for optimal efficiency.

Lower Costs with Global Workorce

Maximized cost-effective solutions with our QA professionals across the globe. Benefit from our worldwide presence, ensuring timely and efficient QA testing services and software quality assurance to optimize your savings.

QA Manager is Included

Planning, consultations, bonuses, control, and personal motivation is what you get with your QA assistant. The manager also helps to onboard.

Broad Expertise

We accumulate and share experience in improving hundreds of projects. Your dedicated software testing specialist always has support.

Our Expertise

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We are ready to start

With ProfSquad by your side, you're not just getting a service provider – you're gaining a trusted partner committed to your success. Call us today to take the first step towards ensuring the quality and reliability of your software products.

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How We Build QA Processes

Define goals

In our initial call, we explore your business challenges, goals, and how your product addresses target audience concerns.

Our team collects project requirements, technical details, and development goals, integrating insights on software testing tools and software quality assurance services.

After that, we provide suggestions on what we can do for you.

Presenting a plan

Our team provides a detailed document addressing current QA process issues, with a plan, prioritized actions, risk assessment, and solutions.

This includes a strategic plan with actionable steps to enhance the process, prioritized areas for improvement, potential risks, and strategies to lessen them.

Leverage QA tools, QA software, and QA automation for seamless integration.

QA Audit

We integrate a dedicated QA Analyst into your team who evaluates development and testing processes, identifies bottlenecks, and introduces ideas for improvement.

In this step, you may also explore our quality assurance testing and software QA services for a comprehensive enhancement of your workflows.

Implementing and Support

We explore extended collaboration coordinating key experts to enhance the testing process and execute solutions outlined in the action plan, with the QA Analyst overseeing the implementation.

Our approach stands out among other QA outsourcing companies, ensuring streamlined efficiency.

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